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This space is for parents who are seriously involved in the education of their children helping them to develop with freedom, responsibility, and security in themselves during the most critical period of childhood learning.

The articles and interviews offered periodically are based on the experience of professionals, educators, and pedagogues. Their insights can be applied to our day to day activities and that of our children, enriching everyone’s lives.

3 tips to chose the best kindergarten for our little ones

Coffee with Miquel Castanys: a teacher with a degree in early childhood education who talks to us about new trends and guides us in what we should value when choosing the first center for the psychomotor and autonomous development of our children. Interview by Andrea Zazurca, rocket mom and co-founder of Little champions.

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8 key lessons from a teacher to turn our little ones into great people

Pilar Melcón is one of those unconventional teachers who changes you for life forever. Pilar puts herself on the same level as her children and brings out the best in them.
In this interview, she provides 8 useful insights for both parents and educators to keep in mind when interacting with children to help them become great citizens of the future.
Interview by Andrea Zazurca, rocket mom and co-founder of Little champions

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What to do with my independent…but slow creatures? Do I fasten their seat belts and quiet them to be able to work? …or do I dedicate myself with love and patience to encouraging my little ones in their effort to do things for themselves…?

By Andrea Zazurca. I don’t need to tell you that with small children no two days are the same; everything that happens is a new adventure as much for them as it is for us moms and dads that watch, stupefied by the natural abilities of these magic-filled munchkins – magic pee-pees, magic poo-poos, magic candle-lit nights… – our household happiness.

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Promoting children independence from different angles is very necessary

Interview with Montserrat Pedreira, creator and pedagogical head of Lab 0_6, by Andrea Zazurca.
Lab 0_6 is defined as “An educational space that offers boys and girls up to 6 years in age projects that get them to start thinking about science”. The goal of the project is to encourage independent action, decision making and child independence through fascinating activities related to science, dedicated to our babies and children up to 6 years of age.

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“The importance of our children being independent”

Article by Patricia Gaminde, children’s psychologist and psychotherapist.
The evolutionary process of children is one of constant change and development. It’s important for children to strive for independence through small daily tasks. Why not make it easier for them? Let’s give them useful and practical tools that help them reach their milestones.

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